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HCA offers a comprehensive hearing rehabilitation and tinnitus managment service.
We do not sell hearing aids, nor have any alliance with any hearing aid manufacturer.


Hearing Rehabilitation

Hearing rehabilitation, or as it is more accurately called, aural rehabilitation focussed on the skills of hearing and communication. It is a common misconception that a hearing aid will solve the problems of hearing. In reality, a hearing aid is just one component of improved communication. Many other factors will impact on how effective hearing aids will be for each person. For more information on this, please get in contact with HCA or visit our FAQ page to learn more.
Tinnitus Management
Tinnitus can be very distressing for those who experience it. Sometimes called 'ringing in the ears', tinnitus can also be heard as a 'hissing', 'buzzing', 'pulsating', or other sounds. Tinnitus may be caused by a variety of factors and it is important to investigate what the cause is for you. If you have been to your GP and they have said that "nothing can be done", or "just learn to live with it", please call HCA to arrange an appointment.

Hearing Protection
HCA can supply and fit custom moulded hearing protection for use in workplace or recreational activities.