Our Staff

Hearing Conservation Australia employs Audiologists, Speech Pathologists, Acoustic Engineers and a Bio-Chemist to provide the highest possible quality of service.

Hearing testing is completed on-site by Audiologist; rather than Audiometrists. They conduct both the hearing screening and the full diagnostic testing, whilst being cost effective for workplaces, provides a high quality responsive service.
Education and training is completed by Speech Pathologists who have undergone further training in hearing rehabilitation. As trained professionals in the art of communication, Speech Pathologists deliver, informative, enjoyable multi-media presentations, leaving workers feeling empowered and motivated to protect their valuable asset of hearing.
Noise surveys are completed by Acoustic Engineers with considerable experience in workplace noise. Our Engineers are highly knowledgeable consultants who can provide advice on engineering control and sound treatments.

Our Director

Benjamin Elsey is the Managing Director of Hearing Conservation Australia. He is based in Melbourne and works throughout the Asia-Pacific region providing corporate consultancy in noise induced hearing loss matters.

Prior to HCA, Benjamin spent three years consulting for a multi-national safety company conducting seminars and publishing articles; primarily educating groups in the mining and manufacturing industries across Australia and New Zealand.

He has provided on-site training for workers exposed to hazardous noise in some of the most remote and rural parts of Australia.
Noted for his engaging presentation style, he has also spoken at:
2015   Audiology Australia Conference.
2014, 2013, 2012 & 2011  Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene National Conference.
2010  Queensland Government - Mines and Energy: Noise & Whole Body Vibration in Mining. 2010   Hearing Awareness Week.
2009   WorkSafe Week (Keynote Speaker).
 to name a few.

After graduating from Flinders University, Benjamin worked in various hospitals and clinics in country Victoria and Melbourne; where he trained in hearing rehabilitation and tinnitus management.
He went on to work at St Vincent's Hospital, where with the aid of Commonwealth Government funding developed Australia's first Deaf & Hard of Hearing programme. In 2007, this programme was honoured with the 'National Innovation in Health Care' award.
Benjamin continues to assist hearing impaired and tinnitus-affected communities, whilst remaining dedicated to the conservation of hearing from preventable causes.